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It’s an original black Gazelle, one shipped by tanker from the Netherlands after she fell in love with a Dutch neighbor’s model “four or five years ago.” She loves its pert upright seat, putty-colored tires, and snaking chrome handlebars with both bell and headlight, but she’s in thrall mostly to its heft.

LOVE FOR her two children is nearly surpassed by an adoration for her bicycle.

We are so lucky to be able to take photos and track our lives and capture amazing photos like this one! I remember getting mine done when I was 6 and how excited I was ... I know many of our fans have been wondering about this and it's finally happening. I can't wait to be by her side and watch her grow for the rest of my #life.. It's nice to find another #amazing #dad to share our fun with! My best friend - turned publicist extraordinaire - has been by my side since we were 14 years old ...

Fisher debuted with the Senators in 1999–2000 and recorded 9 points in an injury-shortened 32-game rookie season.

Thompson and Kaplan attended an ESPYs after-party together last July.

Michael Andrew Fisher (born June 5, 1980) is a Canadian retired professional ice hockey centre.

officer Joe Weisberg, brother of *Slate’*s Jacob.) Earning two Emmy nominations after its first season—the second debuts next month—the drama drew raves for its complex portrait of a sham marriage, posing the eternal question: When two agents are “spouses,” can they remain emotionally unentangled?

The family transformed the backyard into a tiny skating pond one year, edging it in lumber and flooding it with a hose on a freezing winter night.

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He became known for his aggressive style of play and began to also show his penchant for offensive production as he improved to 18 goals and 38 points in his fourth season in 2002–03.

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