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Even today, the region remains wet for a significant part of year.The district had a population of 2,092,371 as of 2011 census, of which 30% were urban.Dating back to history with the Harappan civilization, the state becomes a confluence of many religions – Hinduism, Islam, Jainism and Buddhism.The Gujarati culture blends in arts, beliefs, customs, traditions, institutions, inventions, language, technology and values.The region also historically encompassed the Diu district of the Daman and Diu union territory.Referred to as Saurashtra and as some other names as well over a period of time, since the Mahabharata and Vedic period, this region is mentioned again as Surastrene, or Saraostus in the 1st century CE Periplus of the Erythraean Sea: "Beyond the gulf of Baraca is that of Barygaza and the coast of the country of Ariaca, which is the beginning of the Kingdom of Nambanus and of all India.

Aspirants seeking for UG MBBS/BDS Medical or Dental Courses had appeared NEET 2017 Exam.

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That part of it lying inland and adjoining Scythia is called Abiria, but the coast is called Syrastrene.

It is a fertile country, yielding wheat and rice and sesame oil and clarified butter, cotton and the Indian cloths made therefrom, of the coarser sorts.

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  1. Pew Research Center has compiled census data on the number of unmarried men and women ages 25 to 34 in many of the nation’s metropolitan areas. Finding a spouse with a steady job is a high priority for 78% of never-married women who may want to get married in the future(and 46% of men), though the pool of employed young men has shrunk.