Pending checkins updating

I have to use the option 'Check out to Edit' for every files I want to change.

It makes me missing some files when working with a big project. For me, in the context menu of the solution I had an option to 'Add this solution to source control...'.

Thanks for the advice, after some frustrating hours, it appears that our visual studio 2013 was reconciling after check in using a build notification pop up however 2015 is not.

Now, after a successfuly check in, the pending changes will remain in the pending changes window until they are manually undone or and identical check in is undertaken in which case all of the files will sync themselves with source control and will no longer be pending changes.This is because TFS apparently uses file properties rather than actual text comparisons to register pending changes in Visual Studio. Additional feedback from my supervisor: "Not sure if it was the issue this time, but that can happen when you disconnect from the TFS server (which sometimes happens without it being obvious).File | Source Control | Go Online usually fixes it (and the option isn’t available if you are online)." Hello, this is happening to me right now, is there a way to make this automatic, so i dont have to to visual studio and safe file by file since i use webstorm to edit my javascript projects.TFS use file property to indicate whether or not a file has change, which sucks the most, and produce tons of usability problem. Sometimes when I have the pending changes window in 'flat display mode', it doesn't display my changes. To resolve the issue, I toggled the "Show xxx" dropdown to "Show Solution Changes" and then back to "Show All".I find if I click the toolbar icon at the top of the pending changes window with tooltip 'Change to folder view', then they display. The files that were missing from the list then re-appeared.

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To start, you can check your CCM log to see if there are any errors, as well as have the user check their eclipse logs.

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