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However, oftentimes, along with that closeness comes co-dependence and Indian parents can be so involved in their child's life that they can project their own hopes and dreams onto their child - and the child is raised to please, instead of make their own choices first.

I was fortunate enough to get the wedding of my dreams.

🙂 Rich: By the way, the white wedding gown, that’s the reason she targeted me. Sandeep: It was important to both of us and our families to respect each others religion. Sandeep: Fortunately we didn’t have any issues, trying to organize it all was probably the biggest challenge.

My parents are deeply devout Sikhs and have raised me to love my religion, I would not have considered it an actual marriage without the Sikh ceremony. Sandeep: For me it was having the traditional Indian wedding that every Sikh girl grows up dreaming of along with the fairy tale white gown Christian wedding.

I don’t think the issue is his tee totaling/clean living; I think it’s his turban and beard. Now you consistently inspire nightmares like last week’s violence against an innocent Sikh cabdriver in Seattle, who was just trying to help an inebriated person get home, per the police’s request: Trying to escape the attack, the 48-year-old victim stopped in a car pool lane Saturday night on Interstate 5, near Columbian Way, and scrambled out, state troopers said.

Today, we received another pained comment, from a different person (These women also cite 9/11 and subsequent discrimination against turbanned men as an excuse to avoid us like the plague. His attacker had punched, choked and bitten him, calling him an “Iraqi terrorist,” according to police reports…The suspect knocked off the victim’s turban and tore out clumps of his hair, according to reports.

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