Slackware package updating

A package is in this state when it’s present in a remote tree and it wasn’t present before.

If you detect you have packages in this state you should decide if you want to install them or mark them as not installed.

free and open source software, it does not have a formal bug tracking facility or public code repository, with releases periodically announced by Volkerding.

There is no formal membership procedure for developers and Volkerding is the primary contributor to releases.

Without further modification it boots into a command-line interface environment.

Because of its many conservative and simplistic features, Slackware is often considered to be most suitable for advanced and technically inclined Linux users.

This upgrade should be relatively straightforward if you already have Plasma 5 installed. For users who are running slackware-current, the most crucial part is making sure that you end up with Slackware’s packages for ‘‘.

I plan to include a 'keyword' search which will search the package descriptions and return a package name. I will put a link to the wiki in the usage (-h) and also add a man page which will make the options clearer.The name "Slackware" stems from the fact that the distribution started as a private side project with no intended commitment. A humorous reference to the Church of the Subgenius can be found in many versions of the text files, which indicate the end of a software series to the setup program.To prevent it from being taken too seriously at first, Volkerding gave it a humorous name, which stuck even after Slackware became a serious project.—the pipe which Tux is smoking, as influenced by the image of J. In recent versions, including Slackware release 14.1, the text is ROT13 obfuscated.If you install a 32bit program on a 64bit Slackware computer with multilib and that program needs legacy system tray support (think of Skype for instance), you will have to grab the 32-bit version of Slackware’s ‘libdbusmenu-qt’ and my ktown-deps package ‘sni-qt’, and run the ‘‘.Those two are mandatory addons for displaying system tray icons of 32bit binaries in 64bit multilib Plasma5.

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