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In the simplest terms, squirting is basically female ejaculation… It refers to the moment when a woman has an orgasm, and liquid literally squirts out from down there.

Brazil Squirt Latina Tube Porn will turn you into a tireless young stallion in a wink, and your bitchy girlfriend will suddenly become a hot sex-craving slave ready to do anything in the world for a hard throbbing cock!

However, squirting is also pretty controversial because, um… Most people say that the idea of squirting came from porn.

A lot of guys watch porn, and get this idea in their heads that women who aren’t porn stars can also squirt during orgasm. and there isn’t any scientific evidence backing up the idea that squirting is real either.

Still, making your partner squirt is quite possible. She will notice if your place isn’t properly clean. Next, you’ll want to be sure your place smells good. Add a vanilla smelling candle to increase her relaxation. But if you plan to make her squirt, you have to set the mood and tone of the interaction early on. To stimulate a woman, you have to stimulate her mind. It’s much more difficult to make her squirt with your penis, unless she has squirted before (or you have a banana-shaped penis). Push her against the wall and passionately kiss her as you (lightly! As you press down with your other hand, your palm with be on her clitoris with your fingers stimulating her G-spot. Treat these types of girls a bit differently.(You can also do what was described above and then transition into this method.)So, if you finger her (like we described above) and she doesn’t squirt, there is still hope. When she’s getting hot and bothered, get on top of her and throw her legs over your shoulders.

It’s actually fairly easy once you’ve gotten her to do it once. But – don’t forget how turned on she has to be…This can’t be a normal sexual session for her. It’s like your almost cupping her vagina in your hand. That’s where babies come from – and besides, if it hurts, she’ll tell you. Then, spread them until your pelvis is touching her clitoris. This movement allows your penis to stroke her G-Spot very deeply while keeping contact with her clit. If it doesn’t, then keep going until she’s moaning like crazy.

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