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What I like to do is that I add a particular folder like my download folder or the folder where I am using a crack file to the exclusion rule be it any security suite that I use.Though most of the crack or patch never get false positives by Norton from what I have experienced yet you tell that by never using any of their recent products.If your anti-malware subscription is not current (expired), Windows will uninstall your application and enable Windows Defender.The struggling antivirus software industry has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons.After rebooting the laptop, just as the web page said, it fould the updated virus definitions file and exhibited the proper "latest updates" or "up to date" message when asked.I've used Thunderbird probably for as long as it's existed and I have never found another email client that I like better or even as well. This started a couple years ago and I thought it was my computer (desktop PC). I wondered if the problem happened after an update, but was unable to target the exact date to try to link it to an update.I need to update the external DNS server which is in the DMZ .

Bringing potentially malicious code in the Windows kernel is like putting Ozzy Osborne in a roomful of doves and hoping he’ll be on best behavior.

To recap, Google’s Project Zero has discovered and disclosed a flurry of head-scratching vulnerabilities in many leading antivirus products.

The most serious of these included critical flaws in the core engine of Symantec’s flagship antivirus software.

Unless I am some sort of kaspersky fanboy I will never be too inclined to the idea of using Kaspersky over Norton.

I do not ever use the computer for gaming purposes. -" Know that you will most likely never even encounter most of these so-called threats..." Well, that's what you think... But if I ever came across an issue where the file was quarantined, norton always provided with a restore option, so I don't see any harm done.

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