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For existing Any DVD license owners the software will work as usual. This new version also introduces a new download page from which you can download not only Any DVD but also Clone BD, Clone CD, Clone DVD (Mobile) and Virtual Clone Drive.With this release Any DVD and its development appear to be back to normal.Dear Lifehacker, I just put Windows 10 on to my computer and now Any DVD doesn't work. I use it to watch movies purchased overseas and the other DVD-playing programs on my computer refuse to play the discs.I would like to have it back on my computer (I have a lifetime subscription).

Back in March, Slysoft limped back into existence as the newly christened "Red Fox" and brought its back catalogue of software with it.

This prompted users to create a topic to talk about their license concerns.

In this article the company addresses those concerns.

Is there any remedy you know of that doesn't involve buying more software?

Thanks, Foreign Reader Dear FR, If you're using an older version of Any DVD, it may be incompatible with Window's latest operating system.

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Unfortunately, the new version of Any DVD is considered a separate product, so it's not covered by your lifetime subscription.

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